Kader Sevinç – Democracy 4.0 Initiative Founder

Ms. Kader Sevinç is a socially engaged poet and artist, civic entrepreneur, international relations practitioner and politican. She is currently a member of the Party of European Socialists & Democrats (PES) Presidency Council and High-level Working Group on the Future of Europe; the EU representative the CHP, Turkish social democratic and main opposition party, in Brussels; a non-resident fellow of the SAIS (Johns Hopkins University – Washington DC); founder of the Brussels-based debate club on Europe, the “Turkish Coffee Briefings”, the educational initiative, the “Sınıf-1B”. She is the leader of Democracy 4.0 or “Smart Democracy, Smart Citizenship” initiative as well and for this initiative recognised as a ‘visiting scholar’ by the New York University and organised several workshops with international citizens on the future of democracy. She is a firm advocate of deepened participatory, citizen-centered democracy.

Kader Sevinç is an honors graduate from the Akdeniz University and obtained her MA in International Relations from CERIS/Paris XI University with “grande distinction”, completed Jean Monnet European Integration Program, pursued “business communication” training at the Harvard University.

She previously worked in the Akdeniz University’s EU research center, private sector, and in the European Parliament as advisor. In 2013 Kader Sevinç was recognized by the Diplomatic Courier magazine and the YPFP in Washington DC among “99 most influential young foreign policy leaders in the world” for her influence in foreign policy. She was awarded by the European Commission for her paper “Turkey’s transformation and human capital in the EU accession process”.

Sevinç has been publishing poetry in literary magazines since the 90s and was an editor of the NAR fanzine magazine in Antalya. She is currently on the editorial board of Siirden (Of Poetry) magazine in Istanbul, was among 50 contributing poets of a political poetry book “The European Constitution in Verse” (2009, Brussels) and played in the theatre show of “100% Brussels” and her poetry about Brussels has been exhibited at Brussels Fine Arts Center (BOZAR) and its Dutch translation is included in Atlas Brussel. Her poetry book “Kırık Ülke” (Broken Country) was published and her jazz/poetry album “River-long Loneliness” released in 2014 and it is available in leading music platforms such as iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Sevinç takes an interdisciplinary approach to her arts practice. In addition to her poetry and publishing work, she is a painter. The atmospheric style of her paintings echoes that of her writings. Her oil paintings and drawings are gathered in collections of dandelions, landscapes, and impressionist style figures.

It is no surprise that Sevinç, daughter of one time progressive political detaineee, invests deeply in her community and remains committed to social justice. She has lived through the oppressive period of restrictions enforced after the 1980 Turkish military coup d’état and subsequent economic collapse. As a child, she and her family have been forced to relocate seven times to different Turkish cities on account of her parents’ political leaning. However, that period of exile has allowed Sevinç to learn about the diversity of the Anatolian peninsula and culture. Today these experiences in mix with her impressions from her adult life in major western cities such as Brussels, Washington DC and London are the driving source of inspiration for her artistic, social and political endeavours towards a better world.


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