Lucas Wandzioch – Managing director at Scolibri

Lukas moved to Berlin in 2007 to pursue a career in sales. He soon learned everything they had to teach him, and decided he wanted to get in on the start-up craze. He founded Scolibri and brought a learning management system to market with Scolibri, and then entered into a relationship with the New School Berlin where he got interested in revolutionary thinking about how to fundamentally re-think the ‘being in school’ experience from the point of view of the student. From that came the idea of combining agile techniques, he’d been introduced to from his project management experience building Scolibri, and combined it with education to develop what he calls ‘Agile Blended Learning’ (ABL). ABL personalizes the learning experience for every student, who is able to learn different things, in the same classroom, at the same time, thus creating a much more dynamic learning environment for all.

Atelier 22 : l’enseignement à l’ère du numérique

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